Damià graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and L’École nationale supérieure des arts visuels de La Cambre (ENSAV) in Brussels, the city where he took his first steps in his professional career as an artist.

Although his initial engagement with the visual arts was through drawing, his interest in chalcography led him to collaborate in the workshop of Joan Romà in Barcelona where he worked for Antoni Tàpies. During his time at La Cambre in Brussels he began to expand his practice and embraced video, installation and interventions, which in turn led to a greater concern for architecture and site-specific projects. Between 1991 and 1998 he had several exhibitions in Europe: Mont de Marsans, Hamburg, Larh, Valencia and Maastricht. From 1995 to 2001 he was art director and stage designer for the Nits de la Mediterrània Festival.


Damià’s international career shows the search process to bring modernity, together with humanism, art classicism and the baroque heritage. He does it by dealing with concepts that are modern society concerns, but also eternal, such as uprootedness, mockery, balance or silence. These concepts are his inside thoughts, his obsessions, and it is amazing how they are reflections and sometimes premonitions of our time. Thoughts turned into beautiful artwoks.


His art exhibitions are also part of his creative process, a dialogue among the artwork, the viewer and the space. A research begun in 1986 which first major international interventions was Time and thought, Saint Louis de l’Hôpital Salpêtrière - Paris, MUA - Alicante, in the 2002. An exhibition produced for a space, in which Anish Kapoor had exhibited four years earlier in 1998 and Jenny Holzer exhibited LEDS the year before, 2001. (Time and thought at

After Paris and Alicante came Enclosure of ideas, at the University of Valencia, (Capilla de la Sapiencia) - Valencia, 2004 (Enclosure at, Talking Head - Valencia and New York, 2005 (Talking Head at and Talking Head at In 2010, A-Factorij Art Project, Amsterdam, (A-Factorij at In 2012, The Space Between Words, at the Museum House of Eramus of Rotterdam, Brussels, (Space Between Words at


In 2019 a great exhibition in Lisbon, The Path of the Gaze, at the National Museum of the Ajuda Palace. (EFE News America and RTVE at Damià is the first contemporary Spanish Artist exhibiting in the Museum and the second, having his art dialog with the artistic and historical Palace heritage, following Joana Vasconcelos’s exhibition in 2013.


A tireless worker continues to play with classic techniques. Drawing in his artist's books and with small and larger-format process pieces. Small bronze sculptures exploring new projects as in the Sculptures of the first ideas (The First Ideas at and And he also continues to enjoy painting on modern materials such as aluminum and exploring new sustainable sculptural materials for public art projects (Balance at

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