The concept behind this project is to underscore the profound transformation our society has undergone in terms of organization and culture, with changes that often lead to unbridled anxiety.


Man is faced with a surplus of useless information and a saturation of noise and colour in which the most basic things seem to be lost in a “fade to colour”.


This oversaturation of contents gives the present an increasingly more fleeting sensation, always tied to a mixture of disordered bits of information.


Saturation produces a “theatricalisation” of our reality, in an endless call to recreate a farce.


This situation in turn triggers a fragility that provides a necessary excuse for the construction of a character, of an “armour” with which to continue this game of juggling in which nothing remains the same.


In painting and in sculpture, I deploy processes that engage with these ideas, ever attentive to the changes in my own space of silence, lending visibility to the stage setting in order to bring the theatrical into question and to try to evade the noise and the lies.

Copyright 2020 Damià Díaz